Yours hosts at Four Seasons Bed & Breakfast

To ensure that your stay at Four Seasons Bed & Breakfast is a memorable experience, your hosts will be on hand to cater to your needs. Here's a brief description of their roles at Four Seasons B&B.

Zippy the cat


The more gregarious (or is that boisterous?!) of the two cats, Zippy specialises in room checks and hallway patrols. Often found lurking on the first floor of Four Seasons B&B, please don't be alarmed if Zippy springs a surprise room inspection on you. Your safety and wellbeing is always utmost in Zippy's mind - to this end he will not hesitate to attack any plastic bag he thinks might be a danger to you!

George the cat


Smaller and quieter than Zippy, George prefers to leave your day-to-day care to the human staff. Rest assured though that she is constantly monitoring their performance! George's role within Four Seasons B&B is more of a surveillance and security nature. During the day, she can be found gazing out of the window at the front of the house, contemplating cat things. We have no idea what she does at night.

Dave the dog


Dave's slightly nervous disposition lends itself to the role of health and safety officer, regularly finding dangers where there are none. Most sharp edges have been eroded by Dave's constant headbutts, particularly on door frames and the undersides of tables. Noise levels are a worry to Dave, so he has introduced an initiative to make sure the house is free from sudden bangs, creaks and, in particular, excessive toaster noise. Although Dave is a large dog, he has the aggression of a church mouse and finds lambs intimidating.

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